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We only partner with quality professionals and companies and look for key indicators to ensure you are placed with the right people. Our 5 service standards are below;

Q. Qualified and trained professionals or companies only.

U. Understand the needs and goals of you the customer.

O. Ongoing contact and communication keeping you informed.

T. Transparent on fees and costs of their service or product.

Z. Zero pressure it's all your choice.

These values are so important to our service proposition. We continue to source people and companies who fit these values to ensure our clients receive the highest vale of service.

Discover Quotz!
Connect you to a qualified professional

Connect you to a qualified professional

We only introduce you to a qualified professional when you are 100% ready to speak to someone. It's all about you and making sure you trust the process and that you have a reason to speak with an adviser.

We only work with advisers who are transparent about their costs and fees.

We also actively look for advisers who look to reduce your current fees and charges.

We prepare the adviser for your meeting and make sure they have a full understanding of your requirements.

We provide you with a profile of your adviser giving you and overview of their expertise and experience.

If you are not happy we will change the person, Simple.

Monitor all future communications

If you choose to move forward with your adviser we want to make sure the after-sales service you receive is of the highest quality.

We will make sure your adviser follows up every 6-12 months with an appointment to review your financial plan and to make sure it is on track. 

We will also communicate any other services you may benefit from if we see there is a cost saving or more relevant product to you. 

We want to make sure you get the service you financial security deserves!

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Monitor all future communications


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